Conservative MEP Backs PM’s Tough Stance on EU Payments


David Campbell Bannerman,  MEP for the Eastern Counties, today (Monday 27th October 2014)  strongly backed Prime Minster David Cameron’s Statement to the House of Commons.  In the Statement, the Prime Minister said that the Government would not pay the 2 Billion Euros (£1.7Bn) demanded by the EU Commission on the 1st of December 2014.  The Prime Minister said that both the scale and timing of the payment was unacceptable and the UK had the right to demand value for money for its contribution to the EU.

During the Sky News interview,  David Campbell Bannerman MEP noted that the EU’s budget was already bloated and indeed the EU’s Auditors had not signed off the Commission’s accounts for some nineteen years.  On the 5th November 2013, the Daily Mail reported that the EU’s Auditors had found that the EU Commission had spent a staggering £6Bn in error on ineligible projects in 2012.