David Campbell Bannerman Helps Launch ‘Conservatives for Britain’ Group

Conservative party logo with Union Flag

Interviewed in the Telegraph, Co-Chair of the ‘Conservatives for Britain’ Group David Campbell Bannerman MEP said that ‘If the EU is not willing to return significiant powers to our shores,  then Britain should leave. ‘  The MEP went on to say of the Group that ‘We will set out what we believe needs to be achieved in the Renegotiation process if Britain is to remain a member of the EU.  Restricting freedom of movement of EU citizens and making the UK Parliament sovereign over EU law are likely to feature heavily in our agenda.’ Read the full story in The Telegraph here.


David Campbell Bannerman was also interviewed on the R5L show Pienaar’s Politics’:


The launch was also covered by BBC Radio Four News:


David Campbell Bannerman MEP was also interviewed by ConservativeHome on the launch of the new Group.  You can read the interview here.