David was delighted to receive this recent letter from The Freedom Association:

20th February 2015
Dear David,

The Freedom Association is pleased to announce that David Campbell Bannerman, Conservative MEP for the Eastern Region Counties of England, is this week’s ‘Parliamentarian of the Week’.

There are many ways the UK would be better off out, outside the EU. But which is the best alternative – the best way out? This week, a conference organised by David Campbell Bannerman MEP sought to explore the different “EU Alternatives” and relationships the UK could have with the EU once it left.

The event included speakers such as Sir Bill Cash MP, Christopher Chope OBE MP, William Dartmouth MEP, John Mills of Labour Euro-Safeguards Campaign, Ruth Lea CBE, Thomas Aeschi of the Swiss People’s Party, Hening Olaussen, former leader of Norwegian ‘No To EU’ campaign, Martin Howe QC, and Matthew Elliott of Business for Britain. The event was chaired by Tim Montgomerie of The Times newspaper.

It was a tremendous conference and showed a great deal of unity amongst eurosceptics who seek a “Brexit”. I offer David Campbell Bannerman my congratulations and sincere thanks for his efforts in organising the conference and helping the conversation on ‘Brexit’ move to a united position. For his efforts he is awarded our ‘Parliamentarian of the Week’ award.

For those that missed the conference, a similar discussion will be held at this year’s Freedom Festival, from the 6th – 8th at the Days Hotel in Bournemouth. Other events at the conference also include those run by Big Brother Watch, the Centre for Policy Studies, Global Britain, the Institute of Economic Affairs and the TaxPayers’ Alliance. For more information and to book your ticket, please go to:


Yours sincerely,
Rory Broomfield
The Freedom Association