Don’t confuse the EU with the UN, says Euro Politician

With the Euro Elections fast approaching, and the potential for a referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU on the horizon, one current European politician is urging voters to realize the difference between the EU and other international bodies, like the United Nations. (UN).

Speaking in the EU debating chamber following an arms treaty agreed by the UN, David Campbell Bannerman, a Conservative MEP said: “It is vital to stress the difference between the United Nations, which is intergovernmental ,ie, agreements are made between governments, and the European Union which is Supra or Transnational, ie, it cuts above or across nation states.”

Mr Campbell Bannerman is a known Euro-Sceptic and recently had a sellout book published, that argues why and how Britain should leave the EU.

As the Euro elections and a possible referendum draw nearer, one of his concerns is that many voters do not realise the key differences between how policies are made in the UN compared to the EU, and will view the latter with the same positive regard that the UN enjoys.

He added: “The official UN brochure says ‘The UN is not a Superstate nor is it a World government. The state members of the UN remain sovereign and equal, and have no intention of delegating this sovereignty to any supranational entity.’

“That’s pretty much the complete opposite of what the EU is trying and sadly succeeding in doing.

“When it comes to deciding the future of our involvement in the EU, voters must not allow themselves to be hoodwinked by those claiming it’s a European version of the UN, it isn’t, it doesn’t want to be, and it never will be.

“Whilst the UN seeks agreement among nation states, the EU seeks control over them.”