EU Waste – The cost of the EU to the British Taxpayer

Image of EU Parliament BrusselsFor nearly 40 years, the UK has been bound by European Union regulations and directives. Some estimates say that there are over 100,000 European Union laws enacted on UK statute. This has come at a cost. The independent think tank Open Europe has estimated that since 1998, EU regulations have cost the UK economy £124 billion, or £4,912 for each person in the UK.  More information can be found here –

This section will present to you the negative impact EU directives have on the UK.  In bitesize, digestible format, we will show how ill thought out EU legislation harms business in the UK, affects our freedoms and prevents the UK from becoming a competitive global economy. This section will be regularly updated with briefings on existing EU directives and forthcoming laws.

PDF Documents available to download:

The 3 EU Postal Services Directives

The EU Toy Safety Directive

The EU Road Transport Directive

EU Water Framework Directive

The Agency Workers Directive

The EU Large Combustion Plant Directive

The EU Environmental Liability Directive

The EU 2nd and 3rd Directive on Driving Licences 91

The EU Pregnant Workers Directive

The 3 Money Laundering Directives

The EU Part Time Workers Directive

The EU Temporary Working at Height Directive

The EU Investigation Order Directive

The Working Time Directive

The EU unfair commercial practices directive

The EU Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive

The EU Young Workers Directive

The EU Waste Incineration Directive 2000

The EU Works Councils Directive 2008

The EU Vibration Directive

The EU Renewables Directive 2008

The EU Late Payments Directive

The EU Traditional Herbal Medicines Directive

The EU Directive on Artificial Optical Radiation

The EU Cross Border Health Directive

The EU Biocidal Products Directive

The EU Asbestos Directive 2003

The Environmental Noise Directive

EU Public Service Procurement Directive

EU Industrial Emissions Directive

EU Emissions Trading Directive and the EU Linking Directive

Energy Performance of Buildings Directive 2002

The EU Equal Treatment Directive

The EU Battery Directive

The EU Biofuel Directive

The EU Data Retention Directive

The EU Landfill Directive