Right to the Front of the Queue: Key Elements of a New US/UK Free Trade Agreement’

Right to the Front of the Queue: Key Elements of a New US/UK Free Trade Agreement' Cover image

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David outlines the framework of a new US/UK Free Trade Agreement and explains how it can be concluded in less than six months.

David Campbell Bannerman has launched a paper which outlines the framework for a US/US Free Trade Deal.  The MEP noted that “Such a negotiation for an immediate short-term deal would be envisioned to last no more than 180 days.” and that ‘“Brexit brings many global opportunities for the United Kingdom but the reaffirmation and deepening of the relationship between Britain and America through a new post-Brexit US-UK bilateral trade deal has to rate as the most natural, benign and highest priority of them all. We can take full advantage of being put right to the front of the US queue now for trade deals under the new President Trump Administration.”

The Daily Mail reported on the 4th April 2017  that David Campbell Bannerman’s US/UK Trade Agreement paper has already received the backing of ‘Ted Malloch, the President’s designated ambassador to the EU (who) endorsed claims it could take just 180 days to agree a deal that eliminates tariffs on cars, food and clothes.’  The paper reported that ‘Mr Malloch said the special relationship can ‘best survive the rest of this 21st century’ through ‘a US-UK Free Trade Agreement, as spelled out in this thorough and well-documented paper’.  Ted Malloch added: ‘Britain and America belong together, not in Europe. The future will much need Anglo-American leadership – more than ever.’ ‘  The full article can be found here and the paper was also referred to in the Daily Mail Leader Comment section.

The launch was also covered in the Daily Express on the 3rd April 2017 and the full article can be read here.

Writing in the Daily Telegraph on his US/UK Trade paper,  David Campbell Bannerman noted that ‘the quick deal I suggest is educated by the Canadian-EU trade deal CETA I worked on through the European Parliament’s trade committee.’ and that ‘a US-UK trade deal is rich in potential, is a natural addition to the well-established “Special Relationship” and could be delivered in just 180 days of pressing the button.’ The full article can be found here.

You can download the paper here.