David Campbell Bannerman wins membership ballot

I am delighted that my candidacy for re-election as a Eurosceptic MEP has been endorsed by the wider party membership, and I am grateful and humbled by all the support I have received from members, since I re-joined the party.

They are the grass-roots supporters, who work the hardest for this party giving up their own time and often their own money, in the pursuit of what they know is right for this country.

As a party, we now need to honour what the membership has said and run a strong campaign that will show the natural home for Eurosceptics is the Conservative party.

It is only the Conservative party, not UKIP, that is in a position to regain British Sovereignty and powers from Brussels through an In/Out EU Referendum and we need to make sure we communicate that to all the British people that understand our best interests lie in a new and better relationship with the EU.