Carry On Brussels: Inside the EU

dcb in brusselsConservative David Campbell Bannerman looks to the future as he considers the prospect of a trade deal, while Sinn Fein representative Martina Anderson believes that Brexit could lead to her party’s ultimate goal of a united Ireland. Last in the series.

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You can download David’s ‘SuperCanada’ trade model proposal mentioned in the programme from here.


David Campbell Bannerman meets David Davis I Carry On Brussels: Inside the EU I Channel 4

Carry On Brussels: Inside the EU


“Stepping inside the curious world of the Brussels bubble, this three-part series follows an eclectic group of MEPs from across the UK’s political spectrum, as they buckle up for the ride of their lives on the Brexit roller coaster. Focusing on the personal challenges over the politics, the series offers unrivalled access to the inner workings of the European Parliament at one of the most historically significant times of its existence. Filmed over a year, the series charts the battles and the brawls, the tears, tantrums and tactics of some of Britain’s most maligned and misunderstood public servants in these turbulent times.”