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Chopper's Brexit Podcast image“For some, taking part in the European elections is the point of no return. Tory MEP David Campbell Bannerman is one politician who won’t be standing again on principle. He joins Chopper for a no-holds-barred chat about about why he’s packed up his Brussels office – and who he’ll be voting for this time instead.”

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The ECR EU Conference 2015


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The ‘Alternatives to EU Membership’  Conference on Wednesday 18th February was hailed a great success with such leading speakers as Rt Hon Owen Paterson MP,  Sir Bill Cash MP,  John Mills, Matthew Elliott and of course the organiser David Campbell Bannerman MEP who spoke on EEA Lite.

You can view all the speeches from the conference by clicking this link here.

ECR EU Conference

Over 110 delegates attended the ECR EU Conference held at Europe House, London, hosted by David Campbell Bannerman MEP

To find out more information about David’s book ‘Time to Jump’ or to order a copy, you can visit the Time to Jump website here.

David Campbell Bannerman has also published ‘The Ultimate Plan B: A Positive Vision of an independent Britain outside the European Union’ booklet. You can request a copy or download a pdf. More information can be found here.

Delegates’ Response:

This is what Delegates said of the Conference:
“Thank you for hosting an excellent conference which helped me complete my journey towards euroscepticism!”
Jonathan Roberts, UK Chamber of Shipping

“Thank you very much for organising yesterday’s conference – it was truly superb!”
Rory Broomfield, The Freedom Association

“We go to so many debates and discussions about the EU and I have certainly been to my fair share over many years but this was the best by far!”
Lindsay Jenkins, author

EU Conference link to videos

What will I do for you?


DCB has taken the battle to UKIP in the Euro Elections 2014 – and he’s uniquely placed to know UKIP inside and out…

Determined that British voters must have a Referendum on the EU, David’s Eurosceptic record cannot be matched by anyone else. As now, He will fight for your and Britain’s interests in Brussels as he seeks to reduce the burden of that remote and bloated bureaucracy.

David is a principled advocate of EU withdrawal while being a traditional Conservative of 23 years standing. He’s the only person who really understands UKIP, as their former Deputy Leader/Party Chairman, and he needs to be a leading part of the Conservative team to combat them in the European Elections. Positive, hard working, a team player, and easy to get on with, David makes an ideal Conservative MEP candidate.


David meets with business people

David likes to hear from businesses of all sizes and about their concerns

What will I do for you?

  • Take the battle to UKIP in the Euro Elections 2014 – I’m uniquely placed to know UKIP inside and out
  • Make case for EU withdrawal (two-thirds of Conservatives want Out) but back our ‘Renegotiation or Out’ policy
  • Work hard for Conservative victory in 2015 General Election
  • Use my communications career experience to campaign in the media
  • Continue to oppose EU Superstate and bad EU legislation
  • Continue to be strong team player, supporting councillors, associations, PCCs & MPs
  • Continue to help constituents effectively
  • Continue to hold EU to account in trade, defence and other bodies
  • Continue to push for immigration controls and better policies
  • Campaign for road & rail improvements, e.g. A14 widening, bypasses & rail links to docks.

Find out: What I believe in :: What have I done for you

“It is a pleasure to have David come back to the Conservative fold, he has given us a great deal of help in fighting UKIP.”
David Finch, Leader of Essex County Council


 “I am very pleased that we can welcome David Campbell Bannerman back to the Conservative Party. The Conservative Party is bringing in people who want to work in the national interest to sort out Britain’s problems. I am sure David Campbell Bannerman will be a valuable member of our team in the European Parliament.”

Rt Hon William Hague MP, Foreign Secretary


“As ever, the work you are doing on behalf of the Conservative Party is greatly appreciated, as is your determined promotion of an EU Referendum. Keep up the good work.”
Charles Walker MP, Member of Parliament for Broxbourne


“Thank heavens that we still have folk with backbone, you’re a credit to your country.”
Stephen G, Eastern Counties Constituent

David Campbell Bannerman – Your Eurosceptic MEP

“I now know I made the right decision in leaving UKIP and joining the pro-referendum Conservatives”

From David’s article on the conservativehome website:

Recently I was informed that a UKIP Dorset branch had burnt me in effigy for returning to the Conservative Party. I was also physically threatened by a senior UKIP member. Neither was it easy or comfortable to let down good UKIP people who had backed me. I was accused of personal ambition for leaving.

But the reality was much simpler: I put my country first, and I had seen first hand that only the Conservative Party could save our nation from immersion in a United States of Europe that has been so often denied as fantasy, but is now being openly advocated by Angela Merkel, as the Chancellor of Germany and by the President of the European Commission, Mr Barroso.

If you believe in leaving the European Union, as two thirds of Conservatives believe or three-quarters according to the latest ConHome poll, what are the choices? Clearly the Lib Dems are predominantly arch EU federalists. Labour are a million miles away from Old Labour’s 1983 manifesto advocating withdrawal. So the choice is: a UKIP Government or a Conservative commitment to an In/Out Referendum.

A UKIP Government? Well it would help if UKIP had an MP, but it doesn’t. It has Lords and councillors, it threatens to have more. It has MEPs, mainly put there, like me, by Conservatives who wanted a stronger line on the EU. It is funny how 2 million people ‘disappear’ from UKIP between the European election and General Election: from 2.7 million in the 2004 Euros to 0.6 million in 2005 General.It would also help if UKIP believed in policies, but it seems to regard detailed, well-thought through policies as an optional extra. After four years work by well qualified policy groups, and a well-received 2010 manifesto, which I had written, all policies were wiped from the party website overnight, without consultation, by Leadership diktat. The shambles over gay marriage policy indicates how jumping on bandwagons without working policies through can backfire.UKIP sits rather uncomfortably between a political party and a pressure group – I call it a ‘pressure party’. But whilst the party professes to want to leave the EU it, incredibly, has no credible plan to do so.

Now with the Prime Minister’s excellent announcement of an In/Out Referendum – the Conservative option – I believe UKIP’s work is done and its future lies in supporting an Out vote in that referendum and not seeking to derail the one major political party that offers a genuine In/Out choice – ours. It is time to heal the fissure on the Right and to move forward under a united Conservative Party.

I was asked by Tim Montgomerie if I feel vindicated by today’s announcement. I do – vindicated and delighted. Ever since I returned to the Conservatives I have been working behind the scenes to argue the case for an In/Out Referendum, and have been graciously received by senior Ministers, Number 10 Advisers, media and local representatives.

I salute David Cameron for political courage and a straight, well considered and balanced speech. He has listened and he is not prepared to be browbeaten by overseas friends or domestic colleagues wary of democratic expression. This is a real choice, a proper debate, a courageous offer. It’s not a lurch to the right but a recognition of the majority view. It’s quite simply a gamechanger. So I appeal to those tempted to back UKIP to veer back to a Eurosceptic party with real bite, and to work to put the case from within, not without. You may well find you have a warm welcome – one that does not involve bonfires.