David Campbell Bannerman MEP Welcomes Decision To Allow Ministers to Campaign for Either Side in Brexit Referendum.

Writing in the Telegraph of the 5th January 2016,  David Campbell Bannerman MEP welcomed the news that Prime Minister David Cameron will allow his Ministers to campaign for either side in the Brexit Referendum once the renegotiation process has ended.  This is likely to take place next month following the European Leaders Summit on the 19th of February.   The MEP noted that as many as nine Cabinet Ministers could back the campaign to leave the EU.

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David Campbell Bannerman also praised the Prime Minister for his ‘wise and courageous decision’ in the Huffington Post.  The MEP noted that ‘Mr Cameron was sensible and enlightened to allow his ministers the freedom to campaign on whichever side they desire. It took courage and sound political nous.’   Moreover, the decision was ‘in the best interest of democratic politics more generally. The last thing an already cynical public want to see are the most senior politicians forced to back something they simply do not believe in, on such a massive issue of principle, just in the name of collective responsibility. There is a big enough democratic deficit and distrust of politicians as there is.’

“The EU: Friend or Foe?”

David was recently invited to speak at the prestigious and powerful Leading institution ‘Heritage Foundation’ in Washington.

You can visit their website here and download David’s speech here (pdf).

“Drawing on his background in the real world outside of politics — most notably in the railway business — Member of the European Parliament David Campbell Bannerman explains the problems that face British membership in the European Union, how they affect the man in the street, and what can be done about it. He examines the awkward position Britain has gotten itself into and offers a radical alternative — Britain should jump out of the EU and into a position that he dubs “EEA Lite” — a place somewhere between the EEA Agreement that Norway enjoys and the Swiss bilateral arrangements. Campbell Bannerman argues that since 90 percent of the UK economy has nothing to do with EU trade, an “EEA Lite” position would allow Britain to make adjustments that would fit its unique strengths and needs, while not being saddled with the full gambit of EU laws and regulations.”

David Campbell Bannerman MEP for the Eastern Counties

As a Conservative MEP I believe my role is:

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