East of England MEP: We must destroy ISIL wherever it resides

In a speech to the European Parliament this week, Conservative MEP for the East of England and recently elected President of the European Union’s Iraq Delegation, David Campbell Bannerman called for tough action in “destroying” ISIL.  The MEP also said that “I had the opportunity to meet the Prime Minister of Turkey and Foreign Minister in Ankara two weeks ago in which I directly raised my concerns on Kobanê.”  He went on to say that “Turkey’s very positive announcement to allow Iraqi Kurdish fighters to cross its border into Kobanê is most welcome, particularly with their sensitivities over PKK. We should support the Kurdistan Regional Government, but not get too close to the Iranian regime. In this regard, we should say that ‘The enemy of your enemy is not necessarily your friend.’ ” The MEP also promised “I intend to play a constructive role to ensure all tools: military, political, economic, humanitarian are used to destroy ISIL and protect minorities from these purveyors of evil.”