Taking the Fear out of Brexit – Investigating the Myths of a UK Withdrawal from the EU (Full version)

In January 2013 the Prime Minister announced the intention to offer the British people an In/Out EU Referendum.

I welcome this policy of changing our relationship with the EU. We have a choice – renegotiated -IN or a negotiated-OUT. But what if we did have to leave the EU? – and it comes down to considering a Negotiated Out option, what would that mean for the UK?

Opponents of withdrawal from the EU have used many scare tactics, citing the dangers such as we’d lose 3 million jobs, it would damage investment, that the UK would lack influence, that we would be alone in the world.

I want to take a more rational look at the facts and look specifically at Norway and Switzerland who, for decades, have prospered and successfully managed a relationship outside of the EU. What can we learn from their experience?

This film explores the options for a new relationship for the UK outside the EU.

David Campbell Bannerman, Conservative MEP