‘Theresa May furious at Tory peers for wrecking Global Britain with single-market vote on Brexit bill’

thesun.co.uk 10 May 2018

Brexiteers are doubly furious at the PM’s trade envoy, whose job is to forge global trade deals, as she voted against them.

THERESA May let rip at the House of Lords after pro-EU Peers voted to bind her hands at the EU negotiating table demanding Britain stays in the single market.

No10 said the Prime Minister was “strongly disappointed” after a string of 14 defeats on Brexit in the House of Lords.

Last night Mrs May came under fresh pressure to punish Lords who hold roles representing the government – but voted against her.

Furious Brexit Ministers and Tory whips were enraged after pro-EU Baroness McGregor Smith ignored warnings and voted with Labour to keep Britain a member of the European Economic Area after Brexit.

The move would wreck Britain’s ability to forge trade deals with other countries.

Brexiteers were doubly furious because the devout Remainer and businesswoman serves as the PM’s personal trade envoy, tasked with drumming up business with other countries.

Baroness McGregor Smith, the PM’s personal trade envoy, voted to keep us in the single market, wrecking the chance to forge global trade deals.

MEP David Campbell Bannerman said the peer must be stripped of the whip.

Senior MEP David Campbell Bannerman said the peer must be stripped of the whip. He blasted: “It is absolutely peculiar for her to vote for a customs union that would prevent us from doing trade deals – which is meant to be her job.

“She should lose the whip. We can’t have Conservative peers voting for such damaging positions – especially those that serve that government.”

Yesterday Mrs May’s official spokesman said: “We are strongly disappointed by the votes last night. The legislation is intended to deliver the smooth Brexit which is in the interests of everybody in the UK.

“We will not accept attempts to use this legislation to stop us taking back control of our money, our laws and our borders.”