‘Time to let the Euro go’ Says UK Conservative MEP

Time to let the Euro go

It's time to let the Euro go

The Euro is a disaster for the World economy and has failed, whilst measures to save the Euro are more dangerous than allowing the Euro to breakup, according to one of the UK’s Euro MPs.
In a blistering speech to the European Parliament, Conservative MEP David Campbell Bannerman attacked the currency as having led to ‘the trampling of democracy’ in Greece and Italy, amongst other EU countries.

He said: “The Euro is a dangerous and failed construct and no political posturing or economic gesturing gets us away from the basic truth – that the Euro is disastrous for the world economy.

“The sooner that troubled countries like Greece default and devalue, the better.”

“The cure is now more dangerous than the malady.

“Is there no end to these desperate measures to prop-up this political currency?”
Mr Campbell Bannerman also raised concerns that the EU now finds itself having to rely on other nations that do not share our human rights values, for financial aid.
He added that the EU are: “Going cap-in-hand to China for rescue funds – and at what price?”
Accusing the EU of misusing finance from the International Monetary Fund, for Euro bailouts, and calling for the currency to be abandoned, Mr Campbell Bannerman ended: “For all our sakes, let the Euro go.”