What will I do for you?

DCB has taken the battle to UKIP in the Euro Elections 2014 – and he’s uniquely placed to know UKIP inside and out…

Determined that British voters must have a Referendum on the EU, David’s Eurosceptic record cannot be matched by anyone else. As now, He will fight for your and Britain’s interests in Brussels as he seeks to reduce the burden of that remote and bloated bureaucracy.

David is a principled advocate of EU withdrawal while being a traditional Conservative of 23 years standing. He’s the only person who really understands UKIP, as their former Deputy Leader/Party Chairman, and he needs to be a leading part of the Conservative team to combat them in the European Elections. Positive, hard working, a team player, and easy to get on with, David makes an ideal Conservative MEP candidate.


David meets with business people

David likes to hear from businesses of all sizes and about their concerns

What will I do for you?

  • Take the battle to UKIP in the Euro Elections 2014 – I’m uniquely placed to know UKIP inside and out
  • Make case for EU withdrawal (two-thirds of Conservatives want Out) but back our ‘Renegotiation or Out’ policy
  • Work hard for Conservative victory in 2015 General Election
  • Use my communications career experience to campaign in the media
  • Continue to oppose EU Superstate and bad EU legislation
  • Continue to be strong team player, supporting councillors, associations, PCCs & MPs
  • Continue to help constituents effectively
  • Continue to hold EU to account in trade, defence and other bodies
  • Continue to push for immigration controls and better policies
  • Campaign for road & rail improvements, e.g. A14 widening, bypasses & rail links to docks.

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“It is a pleasure to have David come back to the Conservative fold, he has given us a great deal of help in fighting UKIP.”
David Finch, Leader of Essex County Council


 “I am very pleased that we can welcome David Campbell Bannerman back to the Conservative Party. The Conservative Party is bringing in people who want to work in the national interest to sort out Britain’s problems. I am sure David Campbell Bannerman will be a valuable member of our team in the European Parliament.”

Rt Hon William Hague MP, Foreign Secretary


“As ever, the work you are doing on behalf of the Conservative Party is greatly appreciated, as is your determined promotion of an EU Referendum. Keep up the good work.”
Charles Walker MP, Member of Parliament for Broxbourne


“Thank heavens that we still have folk with backbone, you’re a credit to your country.”
Stephen G, Eastern Counties Constituent

David Campbell Bannerman – Your Eurosceptic MEP